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Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!
Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!


Looking for what are the best pot and pan sets or maybe what is the best cookware set to buy?

We might have best cookware sets in Australia with a competitive price.
So what are the best pot and pan sets?

It all depends on whether on certain factors which are which stovetop are you using and also what material is best for the type of dishes that your are looking at creating.

Different Materials

Aluminum - Creates excellent heat conduction and resists rust and corrosion
Aluminum Clad Stainless Steel - Creates excellent heat conduction, is induction-ready, and resists rust and corrosion
HardCoat / Anodized Aluminum - Creates excellent heat conduction and is scratch and dent-resistant
Stainless Steel / Aluminum - Creates excellent heat conduction, is induction-ready, resists rust and corrosion, and is dishwasher safe
Copper / Stainless Steel - Creates excellent heat conduction
Carbon Steel - Creates excellent heat conduction and is induction ready


Laurent Tourondel Executive Chef at Brasserie Ruhlmann in Manhattan Zwilling and Heston Blumenthal use Staub in their restaurant kitchen while Gordon Ramsay Michelin star chef and celebrity chef uses Scanpan.

A well-equipped kitchen has the ability to elevate your cooking and improve the taste of your food. Whether you’re learning the trade or consider yourself a whiz in the kitchen, Arima Homewares kitchenware products will make you feel like a chef. Delivering intelligent and durable design with a sleek and attractive aesthetic, our range of kitchenware online is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen.

Chef-standard kitchenware in Australia

Arima homewares is the brainchild of a leading chef and restaurant manager and was formed to provide chef-grade kitchenware products to homes and restaurants across Australia. We’ve curated a selection of leading house kitchenware brands from manufacturers worldwide, including Scanpan, Marcato, Swissmar, Bamix and Furi that incorporate innovative design with technologically advanced and durable materials. You’ll find a range of quality materials designed to suit stovetop and oven cooking, like anodized aluminium, stainless steel and carbon steel that provide excellent heat conduction, easy dishwasher-proof cleaning and resistance to rust and corrosion. From pasta machines and chefs scales to non-stick pots and pans, equip your kitchen with the latest in smart kitchenware accessories so that you can deliver restaurant-quality meals with ease. 

Simmer, sear and boil to perfection

Whether you like to follow the recipe book step-by-step or improvise as you go, our selection of quality non-stick and stainless steel pots allow you to cook with a bit of flair over the stove. Leading the charge in stovetop innovation, the Scanpan range of danish kitchenware products are anchored in timeless tradition, combining quality craftsmanship with the latest in squeeze-cast aluminium and patented non-stick technology. Scanpans stainless steel saucepans, frypans and pots allow you to have more control over the end result, featuring double-riveted handles to ensure a safe and stable food transfer and a rolled rim design for drip-free pouring. 

You’ll also find a great selection of Stanley Rogers kitchenware products designed to meet the rigorous demands of even the toughest kitchen environments. An upgrade from your grandmother's cast iron, Stanley Rogers pots and pans combine the durability of more traditional models with advanced non-stick technology and a lightweight feel. Sear vegetables and grill steaks and fresh fish with the Staub line of square grills. Durably constructed from enamelled cast iron and ribbed to allow juices and oils to drain from your cooking, it’s a healthy and delicious way to chargrill food. Our versatile range of leading kitchenware products allows you to cook to perfection from easy everyday cooking to three-course meals on Christmas. 

Elevate your pasta game

Prepare fresh pasta from scratch using our chef-grade pasta machines. For those who love to make traditional, fresh and delicious pasta, the Marcato line of pasta machines are designed in Italy by the experts. Designed with safety in mind, the rollers, combs and scrapers are made from non-toxic anodised aluminium alloy and polymeric resin to ensure that metal dust and rust won’t taint your pasta. Marcato’s advanced kitchenware products allow you to roll, comb, and cut pasta of all shapes and sizes, from wide lasagne sheets to thin spaghetti noodles.

Entertain with ease

Treat your guests to exciting ways of dining with our range of kitchenware accessories that will transform your home into the go-to place for dinner parties. Serve a cheese or chocolate fondue at your next occasion with Swissmars easy-to-use fondue sets. Made from cast iron that can withstand the microwave, stovetop and oven, Swissmar fondue sets simply require you to add chocolate or quality cheese and light the fondue burner base. Available in cherry, copper or sleek stainless steel and equipped with pronged fondue forks, you can incorporate gourmet living into your everyday.

If you’re planning a big dinner party but don’t have the time to slave over the stove, the Scanpan slow cooker lets you relax as your curry, lamb, or soup safely simmers for hours. Heat is evenly distributed across the pot by ceramic-titanium non-stick technology, delivering unsurpassed durability that allows you to walk away from the stove. With an advanced lid system and seamless steam release, you won't hear a peep out of your slow cooker until your meal is ready to be served.

Smart appliances for a modern kitchen

Bring your kitchen into the modern age with our excellent range of smart kitchenware products and appliances. Soehnle kitchen scales allow you to measure foods with pinpoint accuracy so that you can nail complicated baking recipes and detailed savoury dishes. These streamlined scales deliver the ultimate in practical cooking, featuring LCD display screens and patented sensor touch technology for simple operation and easy cleaning. A built-in clock function allows you to keep an eye on the time when cooking and baking, and Soehnle’s ultra-slim design makes for easy storage. With a number of settings, these smart scales allow you to change from metric to imperial measurements with the click of a button

For stylish and supercharged kitchenware accessories to whip up smoothies, blend sauces and blitz frozen margaritas, Bamix range of stick blenders will simplify even the most complex cooking experiences. Equipped with double insulation, stainless steel blades and a heavy-duty 200W motor, the Bamix gastro immersion blender has the durability to blend hot and cold foods, puree chunky soups and even blitz through ice.

Buy kitchenware online from Arima Homewares to upgrade your kitchen

At Arima Homewares, you’ll find a selection of the best kitchenware products from leading brands from around the world. Curated by industry experts, we ensure that we deliver intelligent design, easy usability and long-lasting products to upgrade your kitchen. Keep an eye out for our kitchenware sales so that you can experience quality craftsmanship for less. For durable, innovative and affordable kitchenware, shop Arima Homewares today!

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