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Furi Knife Blocks

Furi Knife Blocks: What Are They and Why You Need Them

Knives are essential for any fully-functioning kitchen, from chopping vegetables to slicing meat. However, they can also cause severe injuries if you don't organise and use them.

For this reason, we highly encourage investing in knife blocks. Regardless of your kitchen's unique taste, your store offers these materials in different shapes, sizes, and styles. They may also provide pre-stock knives or allow you to store your kitchen's existing utensils. 

If you want a durable and stylish option for your kitchen, this article will discuss what Furi knife blocks are, the different types and why they are a must-have for your kitchen. 

What Is a Furi Knife Block?

While a Furi knife block will function like other brands, it sets itself apart with its high-quality and fashionable look. It’s a pricey yet worthwhile investment for your kitchen decor. Furi knife blocks also have pre-stocked options and empty choices that allow you to insert your existing knives into them. Besides its high-quality blocks, Furi is best known for its Japanese knives. 

The Different Types of Knife Blocks

Furi knife blocks are an excellent addition to your kitchen because they come in different sizes and styles. When choosing your ideal Furi knife block, you must consider what design you want and how many slots you'll need. 

While most designs work well with any kitchen, the style highly depends on your preferences and your kitchen's overall decor. On the other hand, the number of slots will depend how many knives you need to organise. 

What is the Typical Material for a Knife Block? 

Several manufacturers usually create knife blocks from wood and may offer differently-sized slots to help you store several knives in them. This option is more affordable yet provides a classic look to a kitchen. However, they're a porous material that can easily absorb bacteria. You can prevent contamination by cleaning them regularly. 

Why Do I Need Them?

While Furi knife blocks serve different purposes for various chefs, some cooks might be better off without one. Still, we strongly recommend investing in these storage units to store your knives easily. 

After discussing the Furi knife block, the different types, and typical materials, this section will enumerate why they're essential for your home.  

  1. Easy Storage Units

Losing their knives can also be terrifying for most homeowners because they're usually expensive, and you can't whip up delicious meals. Fortunately, you can prevent this costly nightmare when you invest in a Furi knife block. This storage unit allows you to organise your kitchen knives, and you'll always know where to get the utensils when needed. 

  1. Keep Everyone Safe

While knives are essential for whipping delicious meals, they can also be a safety hazard, especially if you have pets or small children roaming around your property. You wouldn't want anyone to get hurt because they played with your knives. Fortunately, you can prevent these bloody accidents by purchasing Furi knife blocks for your kitchen. 

  1. Ensure Your Knives' Best Shape

Like other expensive home investments, you must ensure your knives keep their best condition for as long as possible. And for this reason, we strongly recommend investing in Furi knife blocks. The slots will perfectly enclose your knives' blades when not in use to prevent them from getting dulled and damaged. It also helps keep them nice and clean for your next mouthwatering meal! 

Sharpening a Safe and Organised Kitchen

Being a responsible homeowner means looking for safe and stylish ways to organise your knives. Purchasing a Furi knife block allows you to enjoy a functional and aesthetic kitchen. 

If you're looking for a Furi knife block for your home, you've come to the right place. Bronx Hardware is an Australian family-owned business providing high-quality kitchenwares for homeowners. Shop now and enjoy free shipping when you buy exclusive items for more than $99!

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