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Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!
What's the difference between Scanpan's Collection?

What's the difference between Scanpan's Collection?


SCANPAN EVOLUTION cookware is the latest range designed and made in Denmark! EVOLUTION is made from 100% recycled Aluminium for even heat distribution and unsurpassed durability! EVOLUTION has the latest Ceramic Titanium technology for industry leading non-stick performance. The specially developed non-stick surface is 100% PFOA free non-toxic. The high quality Bakelite handles are fixed to the body using a patented system without rivets, screws or springs and are designed for perfect grip. SCANPAN EVOLUTION cookware is oven safe to 260°C and suitable for all cooktops except induction.

Scanpan Evolution Roasting Pan




SCANPAN has redefined cookware with the launch of the TechnIQ collection featuring STRATANIUM+, the innovative professional-grade non-stick coating. TechnIQ has been developed with professional chefs based on commercial cooking techniques. The development of each of the seven core cookware pieces has been defined by the preparation methods in a commercial kitchen creating unique shapes and sizes for optimal culinary experience and performance. Designed and made in Denmark. Stratanium+ nonstick surface provides exceptional searing results with little or no oil. With a basic new technology, SCANPAN have succeeded in creating a surface that surpasses all the past in terms of hardness and thus strength and durability. Designed for use on all cooktops including induction.


Scanpan Techniq The Giant Braiser 30cm 5.5 Litre



HaptIQ – for those with bigger ambitions for their kitchen

The new HaptIQ series from SCANPAN is thoroughbred cookware for the discerning and demanding. It is for those seeking the sublime in their kitchen, and who love design details that are coupled with an elegant and exclusive look. The sleek, polished surfaces give the series a unique look, bringing energy and class to your kitchen. The series is also decorative and easy on the eye, when pots and pans are on display in the kitchen between use. HaptIQ has all you need for your kitchen – frying pans, pots, pans, wok. And the entire range can be used on all heat sources, including induction. The frying structure is a composite five-layer construction, all of which contribute to the cooking equipment’s strength and characteristics. A steel layer increases durability and makes the cooking equipment suitable for induction, while an aluminium core contributes to optimal heat distribution.

Scanpan Haptiq Fry Pan
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