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Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!
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The Best Wüsthof Knife Set to Get: A Quick Comparison

When you’re shopping for a new knife, it’s essential to choose one specifically tailored to your needs for the best cooking experience. If you’re an amateur chef, buying yourself a kitchen full of knives won’t help you. It’s always a good idea to ask someone who knows what they’re doing for advice on a purchase like this, especially when you’re an avid kitchen user.

Choosing the right kitchen knife is vital for several reasons. You don’t want to risk your life on a faulty knife just because you didn’t do your research.

What Knife Should You Get?

Wüsthof knives are an excellent choice because they’re built with some of the sharpest blades in the business. Wüsthof is a German company whose reputation for quality is second to none. They use high-quality steel with their knives, and it shows. In a market filled with cheap knockoffs, it’s hard to find a knife maker that has been making knives for as long as Wüsthof has.

To relieve you of some of your research woes, we’ve compiled a list of the best Wüsthof kitchen knife sets that you can buy.

The Wüsthof Classic Ikon Series Knives

The Wüsthof Classic Ikon knives are some of the best knives on the market. They’re built with high-quality materials and have a great design. They’re ideal for any professional chef, especially those working in a professional setting. 

Depending on your needs, there is a two-piece set, a three-piece set, a six-piece starter knife block set, and a 15-piece knife block set. Knives in the collection have fine blades ranging from three to ten inches long. The blade is made from high-grade stainless steel with a hardness rating of 53. The handle has a brushed finish that’s very attractive, and it has a full tang for extra support.

These knives have full bolsters and ergonomic handles. There’s a lifetime warranty that you can register for when you make your purchase. 

The Wüsthof Epicure Series Knives

The Wüsthof Epicure series of knives are a great alternative to the Wüsthof Classic series. They still offer many great features that define a quality knife, around a third of the price.

The knives in this set are just as high-quality as those in the Classic series. There are a lot of buyers who prefer the Epicure series because of the blade and handle design and because of the lower price. The Epicure series has an edge that’s slightly thicker at the spine, giving it just a little more durability. There’s a black handle with a polished finish that really accents the high-quality steel. The black handle matches the stunning blade beautifully and comfortably in your hand.


If you’re looking for some of the best kitchen knives in the world, you’ve come to the right place. Wüsthof knives are a favourite among professional chefs and amateur cooks, and there are many good reasons to choose them. They’re easy to clean, built to last, and have some of the sharpest blades you’ll find. Any of the two mentioned are excellent options, and any of them will serve you well for a long time.

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