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Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!
Australian Small Family Business Based In Sydney At Smashed Down Prices! Our Sale is on NOW! Save Up To 75% OFF!


Buy Kitchen Knives

Whether you’re carving a fine cut of meat or finely paring a piece of fruit, our premium kitchen knives make slicing easy. Sourcing the best brands from around the world, our curated selection includes some of the best kitchen knives in the market, delivering you chef-grade utensils to take your home cooking to the next level.

Intelligent Japanese designs

Miyabi knives are authentically crafted Japanese kitchen knives, manufactured in the tradition of ancient knife masters and sword makers. Produced in Seiki, the knife capital of Japan, Miyabi knives incorporate the craftsmanship and artistry of Japanese design with expert German engineering.

You’ll find a great range of Miyabi Japanese kitchen knives at Arima Homewares, ideal for precision cutting of meats and fish and expertly slicing fruits and vegetables in one crisp motion. Wrapped in a stunning birchwood handle that features a striking decorative mosaic pin and elegant steel stamp of the Miyabi logo, these knives are an elegant example of pure craftsmanship. It’s the perfect gift for budding chefs and knife connoisseurs. Pre-packaged in a black gift box, it’s a knife they will cherish for years.

Quality German steel

Sourced for their high-quality steel and uncompromising craftsmanship, our selection of WÜSTHOF knives are designed with chefs and home-cooking enthusiasts in mind. Manufactured in the German city of Solingen, also known as the ‘City of Knives’, the family-owned business has supplied the world with some of the best kitchen knives in the market for the last 200 years. Dedicated to precision, the skilled team of 350 specialists combine their years of experienced craftsmanship and intuition with modern technologies to manage the production of premium kitchen knives. Each knife is expertly crafted from incredibly durable and corrosion-resistant WÜSTHOF steel that is precisely cut using state-of-the-art robotics and lasers.

The Gourmet collection supplied at Arima Homewares is an agile set of premium kitchen knives for all-round use. With an ergonomic handle that facilitates fast-paced and heavy-duty cutting that’s easy on the wrists, these steel knives offer superior sharpness. Available for purchase as a single knife or in a six-piece knife block set that includes cook’s, paring, utility and bread knives, along with honing steel and a stylish light-wood storage block.

Local Australian talent

Established in 1996 by acclaimed Australian entrepreneur and inventor, Mark Henry, Furi knives are made to be different. From the handle to the blade, these premium kitchen knives are made to last. With revolutionary wedge-shaped handles, Furi knives are manufactured to feel right in your hand, and the blades are made from high-grade Japanese stainless steel for precision and “straight out of the box” sharpness.

Upgrade your kitchenware range with the Furi Pro wood knife block set, fitted with 5 professional-grade knives including paring, utility, serrated multi-purpose, Santoku and bread knives. Stored in a stylish wooden block and equipped with a Furi Diamond Fingers knife sharpener, it’s a sophisticated addition to any kitchen benchtop.

Sleek knife storage for the modern home

A premium kitchen knife deserves the right kind of storage to maintain its quality. At Arima Homewares, you’ll find an elegant range of unique knife storage solutions to seamlessly blend with your modern kitchen. The Zwilling Magnetic knife block is an innovative solution to easy knife storage, incorporating blonde bamboo wood with magnetic plating. Once you’ve cleaned your knife, simply place the blade against the slanted board and watch it lock securely into place, ready to pick up and resume cutting. It’s a safer way to store your knives and prolong the sharpness of the blade. Alternatively, you can keep your premium kitchen knives secure in the Furi Magnetic Hexagonal knife block, magnetised on the internal and external surfaces for easy access. Made from a carbonised Acacia, this knife block adds a flourish of warm chestnut to your kitchen benchtop.

Caring for your premium kitchen knives

When you buy kitchen knives, you’ll want to maintain the value and longevity of the blade by following a few care instructions. Make sure to use wooden or plastic cutting boards when slicing with our knives, as these surfaces are the kindest to their sharp edge. Chopping on harder surfaces like glass, granite or ceramic will not only dull the knife's edge but become scratched themselves.

We recommend regular sharpening of your non-serrated knives to remove notches or deformations from repeated cutting. You’ll find a great range of expert knife sharpening blocks and stones online that are ideal for steel and all other types of knives. It’s important to note that premium kitchen knives should not be cleaned in a dishwasher as this can lead to warping and corrosion of the metal. Simply wash your knife under warm soapy water, dry with a soft cloth and place it back in the knife block or drawer.

Shop kitchen knives online in Australia

The brainchild of a leading chef and restaurant manager, Arima Homewares was formed to provide expert kitchenware solutions to homes and restaurants across Australia. Our industry experts bring you a curated selection of the best kitchen knives from leading brands around the world at the most affordable prices. Pursue your next culinary adventure — buy our kitchen knives online today!