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rattan furniture

A Helpful Guide to Choosing Rattan Furniture for Your House

All homeowners must know the significance of choosing suitable furniture for their houses' indoor or outdoor spaces. Your selected option can affect the piece's cost and your space's aesthetic appeal. It can also significantly impact its durability and maintenance requirements. 

Although there's nothing wrong with choosing classic wooden looks or a contemporary metal finish, sometimes they may not always be sustainable. Therefore, you should invest in rattan furniture for your humble abode. Besides being comfortable and eco-friendly, it's best known for being easy to clean, and you can find it in garden stores. 

If you're ready to create a sustainable but comfortable home, this article will help you pick the right rattan furniture. 

Is Natural Rattan Easier to Clean than Synthetic Materials?

If you're finding outdoor furniture for your garden, you may ask yourself whether synthetic or natural rattan is better. Each type of this material has its unique benefits. Natural rattan is environmentally friendly, long-lasting, and low-maintenance. However, you must maintain it regularly to ensure this material remains in good condition.

You can maintain your natural rattan furniture by protecting it from the weather and preventing water absorption, which can lead to mould growth. Check for black spots indicating mildew buildup and clean with an all-purpose cleaner. In contrast, use a fine brush to scrub away tough dirt. Also, store natural rattan furniture indoors when not in use to avoid damage from extreme heat and moisture.

Can Rattan Furniture Be a Good Alternative to Logging Timber?

People highly sought rattan furniture for outdoor use due to its lightness and durability. These pieces can also last long with proper maintenance. However, before buying this furniture, you must know that other materials make great outdoor furniture, like wicker, a more affordable alternative to wood.

You can also invest in polyethylene rattan (PE rattan), a durable synthetic material that can imitate natural rattan. It’s an excellent choice for homeowners wanting a stable and recyclable option. Although it’s not as strong as wood, it’s still sturdy and withstands different weather conditions. It also works best for indoor and outdoor spaces. 

Can Rattan Furniture Add Warmth to a Garden?

Rattan furniture is a lightweight, durable, and eco-friendly option for indoor and outdoor use. It adds warmth to the garden and comes in various styles and colours. Natural rattan is more eco-friendly than synthetic rattan, which isn’t recyclable and doesn't provide the same comfort level. You can protect your rattan furniture from the weather by choosing a waterproof cover or sunshades.

4 Steps to Cleaning Rattan Furniture

Like other significant investments, you can keep your rattan furniture’s best condition by cleaning and maintaining it regularly and properly. Here are four ways to do that. 

1. Determine the Type of Stain 

Begin by knowing what stain is on your rattan furniture. Some marks require special attention. If water causes it, you can easily remove it by brushing the surface. However, for a more effective cleanup, you can prepare soap lye, a solution of white soap flakes mixed with lukewarm water.

2. Check for Mould or Mildew Growth 

You must inspect your furniture for mould or mildew growth at least once or twice a year to ensure your rattan pieces’ upkeep. 

3. Remove Cushions and Coverings 

Remove the cushions or coverings before cleaning your rattan furniture to prevent moisture and mould growth. You can also use showerproof covers to protect them.

4. Brush off the Dust

Lastly, wipe off the remaining dust and dirt with a moistened cloth. You can gently rub the rattan in circular motions for stubborn stains to loosen and remove the filth.

Creating an Attractive and Eco-Friendly Home

Rattan furniture is best known for being an attractive, durable, and eco-friendly addition to a home. You can create a welcoming indoor or outdoor living space by investing in high-quality but affordable materials and learning when to clean it. 

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